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We have been at the forefront of recycling for almost 40 years. We have opened up new markets for recyclable materials, and continue to lead the way as a processor, exporter, and consumer of recycled paper. Our model is to keep increasing the materials diverted from disposal, conserving resources and adding value to the supply chain. By processing more than 300,000 tons of recyclables per year, we make an incredible impact on the environment. Every year, we save 2 billion gallons of water, conserve nearly a million cubic yards of landfill space, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.   


Our impact to the environment reaches beyond what we do to how we do it. We drive low-emissions “clean” trucks and hybrid-electric passenger vehicles, and we utilize solar energy and smart technology to power elements of our infrastructure such as gates and sprinklers. We minimize transportation costs by relying on back-hauls at maximum legal payloads and work closely with steamship lines, railroads, and transportation companies to minimize costs along with impacts to the environment.


We are never satisfied with the positive impact we make. We are always planning for the future by expanding our processing capabilities to recover more materials. We are constantly searching for ways to increase our recovery rates and divert more material from landfills. In our current plans are ways to recover and reuse more materials, derive beneficial use from residues, and increase the use of recycled content in product manufacturing. We support Californian’s Against Waste and work closely with local and national distributors to recover film plastic, coat hangers, and other non-traditional recoverable materials.




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