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The array of services offered by Potential Industries helps municipalities make their recycling and diversion efforts more successful and sustainable—both environmentally and financially.



For almost 40 years Potential has been marketing a wide range of recovered materials, including fiber, metal, and plastic.  Due to long-standing relationships with buyers, we can ensure that sorted products are shipped at competitive prices without interruption. Our marketing capabilities include all grades of paper sorted from municipal programs, most plastic resins, and ferrous and non-ferrous metal.



Revenue Enhancements

Potential can help municipalities project future revenues from commodity pricing with more certainty through a variety of techniques, such as index pricing or floor pricing, which minimize volatility by ensuring product movement and positive cash flow regardless of market volatility.  For example, in New York City we used a floor price model which included a “set off balance” mechanism to ensure monthly revenues were paid even when market prices were below processing costs, and then that “set off balance” was recovered after markets rebounded.


Waste Diversion

Potential helps municipalities meet public expectations and rising diversion requirements by taking their programs beyond the traditional recycled materials to more non-traditional materials such as cartons. Particularly in California, municipalities are racing to increase diversion in order to meet state mandates. We work with municipalities and partners grow their diversion programs by processing a wide variety of materials and building markets for them at home and abroad. Potential has worked closely with the US Carton Council to recover and market aseptic packaging and poly cartons.







Facility Operations

Potential has award-winning experience operating highly efficient facilities. Potential selected the sorting equipment for the “Rethink Waste” MRF in San Carlos, CA, which received the 2012 Gold Award from the Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA). During the first full year of operations, the MRF had recovered more than 93 percent of waste. It is considered one of the most efficient MRFs in the country as measured by tons per sorter hour. The facility, which is operated by an entity affiliated with Potential Industries, has been certified LEED© gold from the U.S. Green Building Council and has the most advanced material handling capabilities. Users of the facility also benefit from the use of RFID readers, reverse vending machines, a public drop-off center, and a community environmental education center.


Potential Industries has not just operated MRFs, it has also designed more than MRFs for municipalities, including selecting equipment, determining staffing levels, performing ongoing operations, and maintaining equipment. Our expertise in sorting and marketing residentially collected commingled recyclable materials at our Wilmington Material Recovery Facility has enabled over twenty localities to recover over 1.5 million tons of recyclables over the past ten years.


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