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Potential Industries co-founder Tony Fan graduated from UC San Diego with a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering in 1974.  After working for a few months at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, he decided to pursue the American Dream and start a recycling company.  At that time there was very little recovered paper export activity in the US except for material flowing to Canada and Mexico. Tony and his sister, Jessica, saw the potential for export to Asia and believed that recycling in California would expand.  Together they decided to create a new company called Potential Industries and pursue their dream of building a recycling network which would profitably help improve the environment. 

Dan Domonoske, VP Potential Industries


Expanding diversion. As communities seek greater diversion rates and “zero waste” goals, it is increasingly important for them to recover more nontraditional materials, and have reliable markets for these materials. Potential Industries leads the way: for the past ten years, we have been one of the top five exporters of paper fiber from North America. Our capabilities go beyond paper, however, and we are an integral part of the ever-expanding effort to divert and reuse metal, plastics, and glass. Over the past 30 years, we have recycled over 25 million tons of recyclable materials, transforming them into high quality commodities for markets in the U.S. and China.

Congresswoman Janice Hahn, California 44th District, presenting Dan Domonoske with Certificate of Recognition of Potential’s vision to green and improve the Wilmington Industrial Park.



Walking the Walk. Our commitment to environmental protection informs and inspires not just what business we’re in but how we conduct our business. Our facilities are either LEED certified or upgraded with LEED design features, and our transportation services have minimal impact to the environment with a fleet of fuel-efficient trucks and compressed natural gas (CNG) and hybrid employee vehicles.

Gwen Keyes Fleming, Chief of Staff, USEPA Office of the Administrator; Steven John, Director, EPA Southern California Field Office; Jessica Chen, Secretary/Treasurer, Potential Industries; Dan Domonoske, VP, Potential Industries; Gina McCarthy, USEPA Administrator; Phillip Chen, Co-Chairman, Potential Industries; Tony Fan, President, Potential Industries; Jared Blumenfeld, Regional Administrator, EPA Region 9

Corporate Leadership. Potential Industries is proud to be a leader in the industry in the community. Click here to learn more about our team.



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